40 Days Resources

There is a peace of God that is better than knowing “why.”

Graham Cooke

The following resources are helps for engaging the presence of God during the 40 days fast. Some are specifically recommended through the prayer points sent via the 1010 Prayer and Fasting app, and others are supplemental resources you may find helpful during the fast.

Who I am In Christ

A list of scriptures speaking to our identity as redeemed followers of Christ. Includes suggested exercises for engaging the passages and encountering God through these truths.

Feeling Word List

Often it can be difficult to identify and sort our emotions. This is a list of emotions to help you name how you feel.

Ways to Practice Gratitude

A list of several activities for cultivating a heart of gratitude.

Practicing the Presence of God

An assortment of simple prayer activities to increase your constant awareness of God’s presence.

Learning to Be Still

Some practical guidance for quieting yourself and sitting silently with God.

App Recommendations

A list of prayer apps that are helpful in practicing and establishing daily rhytms of abiding prayer,

The Jesus Prayer

A short prayer of repetition, done to the rhythm of your breathing. Designed to center your heart and mind and bring calm to your whole being.

Awareness Walk

Ideas to increase your awareness and appreciation for God as you take a walk.

Waiting Expectantly

Exercises to wait on God and cultivate living from trust, hope and expectancy. Booklet Format.

Ignatian Contemplation

Steps for walking out imaginative engagement with a biblical story, along with a sample exploration of a story.

Self Examination

Prayer of St. Augustine and a list of considerations for confessional reflection.

Consecrate Home Spaces

An activity to carefully move through your home and dedicate every item, person and interaction to God.

Prayer of Examen

An ancient prayer focused on gratitude as you review your day with God.

 Spiritual Journal

A brief list of helps in keeping a spiritual journal.

Meditation Methods

Detailed steps to practice scripture meditation through visualization and other methods.