Ways to Engage 40 Days

Activity without stillness leads to praying in our own strength.

Graham Cooke

What does it mean to ‘cease striving?” How does one take time for stillness and abiding in the midst of work, home, school and other responsibilities? Here we discuss several common questions about engaging abiding prayer, fasting and rest in the midst of varied life situations and schedules.

Wondering how to engage the 40 days? Wondering where to start and what ways you might set this time apart and unto the Lord? Take a look at this list of ways to prayerfully prepare and decide how you and your community can participate.

Below are more resources and ideas to engage the fast as an individual, family, or larger community:

Practice a Daily Abiding Activity

An assortment of spiritual practices to help you engage God’s presence.

Spend a Day With God

Sample half-day or whole-day schedules for individuals, families or groups to spend a day with God.

Facilitate Online Abiding Prayer Calls

Outlines to help you facilitate 1 hour virtual prayer calls focused on abiding.

Connect with Coaches

Experienced prayer leaders are available to coach you in leading your community or organization in abiding.

Explore Creative Ways to Worship

Explore a collection of worship music playlists and ideas for non-musical worship.

Share insights with the 40 Days Community

Visit our virtual Hezekiah Scroll and Community Sharing wall to read the reflections of others and share your own.