John Reflections

Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.

John 6:35

During the 40 Days of prayer and fasting, participants will read twice through the book of John. Each day one chapter is read, with chapter 20 and 21 together on days 20 and 40. Along with the reading, participants may use the following reflections to more deeply engage with the passage and with God.

These reading are included in the daily prayer updates from the 1010 Prayer and Fasting app.

Chapter 1

• Jesus, your introduction to the world here is amazing. How would you introduce me to the world?
• Jesus, what did it feel like when John openly professed that you were the “Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world”?
• Andrew, in his excitement about Jesus brought his brother Simon. Take a moment to thank Jesus for the people who brought you to him. What is it you first saw in Jesus that made you love and want to follow him?

Chapter 2

• Father, what did you feel when Jesus performed the miracle at Cana and his disciples believed in him? Please show me when in my life you’ve felt similar about me.
• Most people at the wedding who experienced the miracle of the wine weren’t aware it was a miracle. Jesus, what miracles have you done in my life that you want to make me aware of?
• Father, fill me like Jesus with zeal for your house- the place where you’re worshipped and people connect with you. Jesus, are there any areas of my life where my connection with the Father is being hindered?

Chapter 3

• Notice Jesus’ availability to Nicodemus, and his patience in answering his questions. Are there any hard questions that you want to ask Jesus?
• In verse 17 we see God sending his Son to save, not condemn. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any condemnation in your life. If you have felt condemned by God, repent from this perspective and receive his mercy and grace.
• “He must become greater; I must become less”. Jesus, in what ways are you becoming greater in my life?

Chapter 4

• Jesus, why was this one Samaritan woman so important to you that you went out of your way to meet her and record her story at length in the Bible? Why am I important to you?
• The Samaritan woman’s life was changed when she saw Jesus knew everything about her. Imagine looking at Jesus. What do you feel, knowing that he knows everything about you?

Chapter 5

• Verse 23 tells us “whoever does not honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent him”. Take a moment to honor Jesus with your words. Now ask the Father to share with you his heart and thoughts for those who say they honor him but do not recognize his Son.

Chapter 6

• Jesus, what have I looked down on and dismissed in my life, that you see as valuable and worthy of multiplication? Thank God for what he reveals.
• In verse 19 the disciples were frightened to see Jesus. Jesus, is there anything about you and your work that frightens me? Hear what he has to say and receive him in his fullness.

Chapter 7

• In verses 40-43 we see division over the identity of Jesus. Jesus, what does it do to your heart when people believe in you? What does it do to your heart when people disbelieve?
• Verses 7:53-8:11 read: “Everyone went to his home. But Jesus went to the Mount of Olives.” Jesus often withdrew to pray. What does your time with the Father look like? Do I need to withdraw more? When under pressure or burdened, are you the first place I go? Do I trust in other things to comfort or soothe me? Are there any habits that need to change or repent of?

Chapter 8

• You were so secure in your identity and relationship to the Father. Are there any areas of insecurity that you want to show me? What do you say about who I am? How can I grow in believing your words about me and valuing them above what others say?

Chapter 9

• Jesus transformed this blind man in a way that many did not even recognize him. How has Jesus changed you? Take stock of the transformation and worship Him for it.

Chapter 10

• Jesus, you say your sheep are familiar to your voice. How do you speak to me? How can I be more attentive to your voice?
• Jesus, Thank you that you know all about me. What do you want me to know about you today?

Chapter 11

• Jesus said “this sickness will not end in death”, but from a human perspective it did. Bring any area of confusion or disappointment in your life to him and invite him to speak into it.
• In verses 33-36 we see Jesus deeply feeling the grief of his friends and anger at their inability to understand him. Bring an area of grief or anger in your life to him and ask him to feel it with you.

Chapter 12

• Jesus, what emotions were you feeling when Mary anointed your feet? What do you feel when I worship and bring costly gifts to you?
• In verses 28-32 we see Jesus nearing the suffering of the cross yet he is most concerned with glorifying the Father and drawing people to himself. Jesus, I want to be like you. What struggles in my life do I need to not take personally, but instead glorify you and bless others with?
• In verses 42-43 some leaders believed but fear of man stopped their confession of Jesus. Holy Spirit, please reveal to me if there is any fear of man in my life, hindering my confession of Jesus in any way. If he reveals anything, repent of and take immediate steps of obedience.

Chapter 13

• Verse 1 reads: “… Having loved His dear companions, He continued to love them right to the end.” Jesus, tell me about your friendships. Do you consider me a “dear companion”?
• Jesus, what did it feel like to be betrayed by Judas, denied by Peter and abandoned by all your disciples?
• Jesus, you commanded me to love others in the same way you loved me. Show me specific ways that you’ve loved me. How might you love someone else in the same way?

Chapter 14

• Jesus, you gave us a “blank check” when you said you will do whatever we ask. Am I using it? How did it feel to leave us with such authority and freedom to ask? What request are you waiting for me to ask?
• What of your works am I doing? What works do you have prepared for me to do?
• Verse 28 reads: “If you loved Me, you would have…” Jesus, how can I love you better and not just focus on what you give or do for me?

Chapter 15

• How did it feel to bear so much fruit for your Father? How did it feel to obey him perfectly?
• Is there any place I have glorified my works or efforts above abiding in You? How can I more deeply abide in you?
• Ask Jesus to prune any branches in you that are not bearing fruit. What are they? Tell him about your desire to abide and bear much fruit for God’s glory.

Chapter 16

• Holy Spirit, is there any truth you want to guide me into today?
• In verse 18 we see the disciples confused about Jesus’ timing. Has Jesus’ timing ever thrown you off? Talk with him about it.

Chapter 17

• Jesus, you were so sure of your purpose on earth. Please speak to me about my purpose, and give me the same confidence you had.
• In verse 18 Jesus tells the Father, “As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world.” Tell Jesus how this makes you feel, that you are sent into the world just as him.
• Jesus, you told your Father that you want me to be where you are and to see your glory. What does that look like practically?

Chapter 18

• Verse 36 reads: “If my kingdom were of this world, My servants would be fighting.” Am I too concerned with worldly things and forgetting Your kingdom is not of this world? Am I fighting the spiritual battle that in a way that would honor you and show my loyalty to you?
• What can I learn from you, Jesus, from your reaction in the midst of accusation and persecution?
• Jesus you were accused as being an evil doer and severely misunderstood. Have I been falsely accused? What was my reaction? Do I need to repent of anything?

Chapter 19

• When questioned by Pilate, did you want to defend and explain yourself more? How did you constrain your arguments?
• Just as the Father was rejected as King of Israel (1 Sam 8), Jesus you were rejected as King of the Jews. How did it feel to go through that level of rejection? Was there any comfort knowing you were sharing in the Father’s experience?
• Jesus, you cared about family and belonging even in your last hours. What do you love about my family? Are there people around me that need to belong or that I can include more in my family life? Is there any one in my family that you want to draw my attention to for prayer or helping their growth?

Chapter 20

• The disciples were in for a surprise when Jesus wasn’t where they expected him to be. Have you ever been surprised when you’ve looked for Jesus in a certain “place” (a particular spiritual discipline, place of worship, etc.) and didn’t find him there? Talk to Him about that.
• Jesus specializes in resurrection and invites us to share the experience with him. Bring to him any “dead” dreams, hopes, words and ask him if he wants to resurrect them. Listen to what he says.
• Jesus, you said if I forgive anyone’s sins, they’re forgiven. Thank you for this amazing privilege of partnering with you in this way. Is there anyone I need to forgive?

Chapter 21

• Jesus, you seem to have a lot of fun with the way you showed yourself to your disciples. How do you want to show yourself to me today?
• Jesus, you redeem failure and sin. In the same way you redeemed Peter’s denial into feeding your sheep, what failures of mine do you want to turn around? How do you want to restore my sense of worth?