Pray for Signs and Wonders

“and my message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God.” 1 Corinthians 2:4-5

Quote on Miracles Among Muslims

“The reports indicated that, depending on the region, a minimum of 50 percent (in the most extreme and violent Muslim areas) and a maximum of 70 percent of all the new churches planted among Muslims happened in part because of signs and wonders (typically miracles of healing and deliverance) that accelerated and facilitated the process of disciple making….. The clear conclusion for the workers in the field, regardless of their theological backgrounds or assumptions, is that God is moving dramatically and creatively to display His love and glory among Muslim peoples today.”-from the book Miraculous Movements by Jerry Trousdale

Story of Healing

“Paul was a Christian field worker in a large village in North India, managing a factory with about a dozen employees. One of Paul’s employees was an Muslim man named “Adam”, and he had a terrible crisis. You see Adam’s first child had died at birth because she had a hole in her heart, and now “Eve”, Adam’s wife, was pregnant with a second child. After the death of the first baby, doctors had advised that Eve would likely continue to have babies with this same defect. The community and their extended family believed the family was cursed. Adam hoped for the best, but about 8 .months into Eve’s second pregnancy, Eve began to bleed again (much like she had done with the other baby who had died) and Adam became desperate. Paul’s habit of discipleship in the workplace and his conspicuous spirituality gave him an opening to offer healing prayer for the unborn baby. Paul came to Adam’s home and specifically prayed that God would heal the baby in Jesus’ name.Miraculously, the baby was born healthy, without a doctor! Adam and Eve were overjoyed and credited the miracle to Jesus. Another miracle happened in that family shortly after that, and Adam and Eve began sharing broadly about what God had done, through Jesus, for their family. Later, Adam inquired of Paul about this Jesus who saved their baby, and Paul invited Adam and his wife to study the word of God and learn more about Jesus and his power to heal!”

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that Jesus’ followers would obediently and boldly “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons” (Matthew 10:8)
  • Pray His servants would display “shameless audacity” (Luke 11:8)to persistently pray until God heals!
  • Pray that the miracles that occur would be recognized and the healed would give Glory to God (Luke 17:18)
  • Pray that the signs and wonders would continue to accelerate the church planting movement of God among cousins.

Pray for East Asia and Indonesia

220 million Muslims in the six countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Brunei. 88% of them live in Indonesia – the largest Muslim country in the world.

There are also millions of Christians in SE Asia. According to Joshua Project, about 10 million evangelical followers of Jesus live in Indonesia. What if 10% of Indonesian evangelicals are ‘empowered’ (Acts 1:8) to witness to their Muslim neighbors?


  • Thank God for significant growth of the church among different ethnic groups in SE Asia in recent years. PRAY for greater awareness and commitment among local church leaders to reach the unengaged Muslim people groups and places with least access to the Gospel. PRAY for better collaboration between churches and mission agencies. PRAY for more laborers from all over the world to come to SE Asia and serve alongside national workers.
  • A growing number of Indonesian Christian students & young professionals are responding to the Great Commission. PRAY for more churches, organizations, ministries and partnerships to facilitate effective sending of workers to Muslim people groups. PRAY for protection, provision and fruitfulness among those who are sent to pioneering locations.
  • God is drawing SE Asian Muslims to Himself through dreams, visions, miracles and loving witness by followers of Jesus. PRAY for biblical and culturally-relevant discipleship of believers from Muslim background that would enable them to reach their own people effectively.
  • Praise God for existing communities of believers from Muslim background in SE Asia. PRAY for multiplication (quantity and quality) and vision to reach other Muslim people groups in the region.
  • ASK the Lord for Muslim ‘men & women of peace’ (Matthew 10; Luke 10) similar to Zacchaeus, Cornelius, Lydia and others in the New Testament who opened their households and networks to the Gospel. ASK the Lord for Southeast Asian ‘Sauls’ (Acts 9) who will become ‘Pauls’ to their own people and others.

Pray for Saudi Arabia

“…that same veil remains unlifted, because only through Christ is it taken away… But when one turns to the Lord, the veil is removed.” (2 Corinthians 3:14, 16 ESV)

Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Islam and houses the two holiest sites, Mecca and Medina. Yearly, over two million make the Hajj, or pilgrimage, to Mecca.

In recent month radical changes have come across this nation. More lenient laws and greater openness to non-Muslim influence has created new opportunity to see Jesus shared in this nation. May the Lord continue to tear away the veil and reveal himself as the true God to Muslims in Saudi Arabia. May Jesus be praised from the minaret of the Great Mosque of Mecca.

Population: 34,109,000

Unreached Population: 30,931,000 (91.8%)

Evangelical Population: 0.55%

Prayer Points:

  • Pray that the Lord removes the veil that hides his truth from Saudis.
  • Pray for Saudi believers to be bold in their proclamation.
  • Pray for a church planting movement to blow through Saudi Arabia effecting the entire region and the Muslim world.
  • Pray for believers from surrounding countries to come and share the Gospel in Saudi Arabia.
  • Pray for strength and joy in persecution.
  • Pray for Jesus to be glorified in Saudi Arabia.

Watch this great Prayercast video as you pray this month for Saudi Arabia.

Pray for the Sahel Region of Africa

For Sudan, ask God for:

  • A new wave of workers who already speak Arabic to enter Sudan from all over the world—Egyptians and other Arabs, easterners, westerners, global southerners, and others.
  • Strength for the persecuted Sudanese church.
  • The Sudanese diaspora who have entered the Kingdom to return to their families and communities in their homeland to advance the Kingdom.
  • A change in the government/leadership.

“Run, tell that young man, ‘Jerusalem (SUDAN) will be a city (COUNTRY) without walls because of the great number of people (PEOPLE) and animals (PROVIDENCE) in it. 5 And I myself will be a wall of fire (PROTECTION) around it,’ declares the Lord, ‘and I will be its glory (PRESENCE) within.’ Zechariah 2:4-5

Somalia/Somalilan, ask God for:

  • Soft, repentant hearts to receive the gift of God’s love and healing salvation.
  • Workers and creative access to Somalis.

For Ethiopia, ask God for:

  • The church to be set aflame with His love, power and presence.
  • A strong and revived and healed church that reaches out to neighbors and neighboring people groups and countries.

For the Sahel region, ask God for:

  • Workers to live among unengaged peoples.
  • Workers who speak French and Arabic who are able to learn tribal languages.
  • Workers who are able to live simply in very challenging physical and spiritual environments.

Generally for the Sahel and East Africa, ask God for:

  • Muslim women to come into the Kingdom—matriarchs, young women (to be wives for the young men who are believers), and young girls.
  • Dreams, visions and the grace to obey what God speaks to them.
  • Miraculous and powerful displays of Holy Spirit’s love.
  • Freedom from demonic strongholds and spirits-fear, pride, religious, etc.
  • Revelation to Muslims of the evils and deception of Islam.