40 Days of Prayer and Fasting

August 24-Oct 4, 2020

(2 Day Celebration at Conclusion)

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40 Days 2020 is a global prayer event inviting all laborers to cease striving, rest, and enjoy the Lord’s presence. During that rest, we quietly lay before the Lord our petition to save 10% of the Muslim world.

Together we withdraw from our work as much as the present season allows. We embrace fasting and enter into interior sacrifices of love for our Lord. In an age of self and busyness and noise, we stop ourselves and focus our heart, soul, strength and mind on embracing God’s presence. Through our silence and ceasing, we send a quiet longing to heaven. As we abide and wait, one of the great cries of our time will resound in  heaven’s ears. What is quiet here will reverberate before his throne. He promised us he will incline his hear when we wait upon him. So, we will lean into his promise and trust him to be faithful in meeting us in our need.

Below are resources for participating in the 40 Day of Prayer and Fasting. These resources help in preparation and are often used as an abiding activity in the daily prayers sent out through the 1010 Prayer and Fasting app.

Ideas on how to engage the fast including FAQ’s and retreat schedules.

A virtual wall where you can place your personal or people group burdens before the Lord.

Daily reading and reflection on John is the focus of the 40 days prayer points.

A virtual wall where you can share insights, words, etc. with the 40 days community.

Tools to use in the daily practice of abiding. Many are highlighted during the 40 days.

Themed worship playlists and alternative ways to spend time adoring the Lord.