Pray for the 500+ Million Muslims – almost one-third of the Muslim World – living in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh

“For there is a wide-open door for a great work here, although many oppose me.” – 1 Corinthians 16:9

Pakistan, India and Bangladesh are the second, third, and fourth largest Muslim countries in the world. Only about seventy years ago this region used to be one country. It houses the largest population with the highest concentration of Muslims, on the smallest land mass in the world. While many Muslims on the western side speak Urdu—and on the eastern side speak Bengali—there are still 75+ languages that have no scripture. While some local catalysts are sparking a few disciple-making movements, there are still less than 3 field workers per million Muslims working in this region with people groups less than 2% Christian witness.

Quick Facts

  • Muslim Population of Pakistan ~195 million
  • Muslim Population of India ~190 million
  • Muslim Population of Bangladesh ~150 million
  • Percentage of All Muslims ~ 28%
  • Muslim Unreached People Groups ~800

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Life in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh

From the snow-laden mountaintops of the Himalayas in Pakistan, reaching into India—to the rural villages, crowded cities, beaches and jungles of India—to the rural farms and rivers of Bangladesh, the diversity in these three countries are apparent. But all three countries are rich in the valuable resources of fertile land, populous labor, and a long history. In many places, the countries still deal with undercurrents of cultural tension between Muslims and Hindu’s—and each country struggles to economically sustain a massive population on a small land mass. Also, with a sliver of witness for Jesus Christ in all Muslim people groups, Judeo-Christian ethics and Biblical values have not permeated their worldview.


Christians represent a tiny percentage of the population. But because of the country’s large population, a sizable number of Christians exist that could be mobilized to reach out to nearby Muslim people groups. All three countries can offer business visas to entrepreneurial foreigners. Believing, intentional outsiders can bless the communities in which they live while working towards a disciple-making movement. Language schools, vocational training, and other service-based businesses may do well. In Pakistan, foreigners with degrees might teach in universities. India tends to favor businesses that hire locals. Bangladesh could also benefit from agricultural or community development specialists.

“I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” – Isaiah 43:19

Pray for…

  • 50 million Muslims to come to faith in Jesus Christ in the next ten years in this region.
  • Spiritually mature local believers to commit to authentic, reproducible discipleship among Muslims in these countries.
  • Strongholds of Islamic extremism to be rendered ineffective in Pakistan.
  • Young people to navigate the tension between innovation and tradition, choosing Jesus with their families, in India.
  • For long-term transformation in the battle against extreme poverty in Bangladesh.