This October, with praise and thanksgiving, we recall past counsel and inquire of the Lord about next steps

40 Days of prayer and fasting was a wonderful time to slow down, rest, listen and lean into our conversation with God. During this time many were reminded of God’s biblical promises and his specific guidance for our lives. Many were refreshed in the sweetness of God’s presence and how being with him must remain our core focus.

After this intense time of attending to God, a question often rises up – “What next?” This month we will together remember what God’s done in this season of prayer and fasting. We will lean into what he’s shown and continue to ask for his direction. How do we keep abiding a core part of our lives? How can we walk out abiding in community? How can our good works flow from this peaceful place of God’s presence? How can we disciple our families and new believers in knowing God experienctially? Does God want to teach us further about how to pray for 10% of Muslims to be saved?

Today, ask God to focus you on one or two key things. What has he shown you or reminded you of that is important for the next season of life? This may be as simple as cultivating praise. He may invite you to stay in a place of rest. It may be a point of spiritual development. It may be the gift of releasing a people group burden from your shoulders and handing it back to God. It may be practicing the presence of God in some way. It may be direction for a life transition. Hold these few things in your mind an heart and ask God to continue showing you how you can engage these things in the coming months.