This month we focus on prayerful preparations for 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting. Pray for the body of Christ to walk in unity and love as they consider the invitation to take pause.

40 Days 2020 is a global prayer event inviting all laborers to cease striving, rest, and enjoy the Lord’s presence. During that rest, we quietly lay before the Lord our petition to save 10% of the Muslim world. The event runs from August 24th to October 4th, 2020. This includes 40 days of fasting and two days of celebration.

The 40 Days ethos is captured in these points:

1. We lay down our own plans and agendas and strategies and simply listen to the Lord praying:

Father, Missions is your concern…

How can we better focus on You in it?

Here we are, available… use us as You see fit

2. We pray daily “Jesus, Fill us anew and afresh with the Holy Spirit.”

3. We pray that 10% of our UPG/people/city/country will be saved by 2028.       

4. We take advantage (as we choose) of the daily prayer ideas offered on the 10/10 prayer app and/or any prayer points our organization makes available.

5. We fast in whatever way the Lord leads us for whatever portion of the 40 days.

Together we withdraw from our work as much as the present season allows. We embrace fasting and enter into interior sacrifices of love for our Lord. In an age of self and busyness and noise, we stop ourselves and focus our heart, soul, strength and mind on embracing God’s presence. Through our silence and ceasing, we send a quiet longing to heaven. As we abide and wait, one of the great cries of our time will resound in heaven’s ears. What is quiet here will reverberate before his throne. He promised us he will incline his hear when we wait upon him. So, we will lean into his promise and trust him to be faithful in meeting us in our need.